Igor Slezin

San Jose, California, US

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Product Management
User Experience

About Igor

My name is Igor Slezin, I currently own a company with a revenue of $500 000 dollar in 2015 in Russia. It's B2B business, so we selling product like https://www.lendup.com, for example, this is our works https://lovizaim.ru, https://ontime.money. The company is profitable for 2 years now. Why am I here? I want to build international company and i'm ready to use all what i have. How? I have amazing team, we design and create an incredible product, but we need someone to help us find the market (maybe rebuild product) and sell. Why? you are right I could hire people to do that for me but I don't want to work with people I want to work with family and enjoy the process of building the most amazing home services platform that the world have ever known. I am looking for a Co- Founder whom will join my team and will be the company marketer.