Ilya Lyakerman

New York, New York, US

Ilya's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Ilya

I'm a hard working self made individual with an entrepreneurial spirit. Experience in running own businesses as well working for large and small corporations. My previous endeavors include running my own sales team in the mortgage industry at 18, owning and operating an electronic import and distribution company at 19/20. Operating a retail brick and mortar shop that provided multiple-carrier cell phone service at the age of 22.

Currently working as a Senior Accountant in the Asset Management Private Equity division of Ernst & Young.

Education includes Bachelors in Business Administration with a specialization in Accountancy from Baruch College and a Masters of Science in Taxation as well as unconventional education picked up from the hard knock streets of Brooklyn, NY.

As you can see from my experience listed above, my earliest endeavors included all self made opportunities. Most of the experience that I gained from those made me an all around better decision maker. My current position has given me the opportunity to learn how large organizations operate as well the structure that is required to keep business working in an efficient way.

I currently have an amazing idea. One that has been fully fleshed out and on paper. I'm really excited about it and want to share it with the world but I need someone with technical knowledge and vision to help me make it a reality. I am extremely tech savvy but lack the formal education and experience necessary to make this baby come to life. I need someone who can run the show from the technical aspect of the business. Someone who will not be afraid to put me in check when my vision turns into a bloated technical impossibility. I need someone who will be passionate about it as much as I am and be able to provide ideas just as much as they will be able to critic mine. I need a true blown technical developer, not just someone who can take my specifications and make them but someone who will make it even better then I thought it could be.

Regarding the project itself, all I can is say that it will be good for our communities. It will require somebody who understands social networking in its current state as well as its future. Technical system design skills are a must.

I live and work in NYC. If your interested, lets meet up over coffee and talk it through.