Ilyas Mukharlyamov

Moscow, Russia

Crossfunctional strategy visionary, multitasking leader able to bring innovations and disruptions
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About Ilyas

I. About myself
I believe in a high level of self-dependence, self-organization and self-governance of the people, determination of their destiny and welfare. With every day technological process proves more and more that this is real, providing people with more opportunities to exchange information, form untactful social opinion, make collective decisions, become participants of economical relationships etc.
Area of my interests and concepts is focused as on sharing economy, market place and games projects so n projects aimed at boosting self-dependence of personality, self-organization and self-governance of the society. In each of the aforementioned areas I have concepts and commitment from business angel.

Projects concepts refer to Rental(1), Courier(1), AR games(2). All of them have disruptive elements for the respective markets. Disclosure of these elements only after signing NDA and partnership agreement.

II. Searching for MORE than just a technical partner-developer…
… to be more precise “satellite” for a long adventure (as the ultimate goal is to establish long-term cooperation on series of projects), powerful visionary obsessed by what he does. The visionary for whom it is obvious that humanity on its way to a greater or lesser extent will for sure pass through technological milestones outlined in movies Terminator, Surrogates, Matrix etc. For that reason this type of visionary doesn’t go overemotional towards such phenomena as AI, Blockchain, IoT etc. and he considers them as due, logical and predictable stages of technological progress. The visionary for whom it is vital and interesting not just to create product generating profit but to contribute in creating infrastructure/environment, facilitating:

1) progressive changes in consciousness, behavior pattern and vision of the future (in particular, to this type of visionaries I might refer Leonardo Da Vinci, Ilon Musk , Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos…);
2) increase of personal wealth and self-dependence level and self-organization and self-governance of the society.

Brief wish list on partner profile:
1) 5+ PQE in development on leading/senior roles in system integrator, having developed something scalable and high load. Ideally, a person created solution architecture.
*proven experience in launching successful startups/projects or engagement with third parties projects (successful doesn’t equal to profitable ones here. I understand the word “success” much wider) is also considered.
2) Crossfunctional full stack multitasker - a person with hands on working experience, able to create prototype, work with designers, editors and other developers etc.
3) English – fluent with professional terminology,
4) Leader – let it be not almighty leader but a leader in its field for sure, a person able in any situation to take solely full responsibility for the result of the team created and able to cross finish line whatever it costs.
5) Possessor of “It/highlight” - the magic part of the personality which creates something special, makes it standing out of the crowd and will have its continuation in developed unique solutions and products, enabling opportunity to create competitive advantages and one of a kind brand identity

In priority
1) Experience in launching projects in market place, sharing economy, games industries and candid desire for further development in one of aforementioned areas.
2) Ideally – mature partner who has financial independence, ready as to co-invest (funds, own and team’s time if there is one) so to work as well.