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Founder seeking technical and design cofounders
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I’m looking for 2 cofounders.

1st Cofounder: A full stack developer; previous experience in app development is essential. It’s also essential that you’re fully committed to what will become our project; if I can be honest I want a cofounder who is willing to impact the world with me and be able to develop their time and resources. As the CTO of Youreblinded you need to be able to manage projects, schedule tasks and help solve problems. One of the most important things I’m looking for in a CTO is someone who doesn’t take “no” and “impossible” for an answer

2nd Cofounder: Designer, a firm understanding of user experience is essential. You must think of yourself as an expert in practicing innovative designs. As the designer cofounder you’ll be creating a work environment for other future staff to thrive in. You will be a champion of user experience understand both technology and human purposes.

I have a very clear vision of where I would like to sail the ship of Youreblinded but I am not naive in thinking that I can do it alone. I know the industry and I know our competion & I’ll be making sure you guys also know the vision and are always clear on where we’re heading. Im extremely passionate about Youreblinded & I’m on here to find others that are just as passionate about it to.

I'd really like us to have a great working and personal relationship so a sense of humour is a MUST.

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