Iñaki Murcia

Marketing, Business Development, Fundraising

Madrid, Spain


Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Iñaki

Iñaki began his professional life as a Cobol and C programmer. Twice failed entrepreneur, he has been a strategic consultant in IT security projects developed in large companies around different countries. More than 15 years selling IT Projects in large multinational companies has given him specialty expertise.

Iñaki thinks there is a fundamental and inevitable paradigm shift: Collaboration, Open Source, innovation, evolution, BigData, Scale Out, Cloud, Commodity&Open hardware, mobility, integration, visibility ....

Two inspiring quotes that capture Iñaki’s vision:
¨Make something people want" -Paul Graham.
"Open or die¨" -Jim Whitehurst

Iñaki currently focuses his efforts on creating highly innovative projects and taking them to a global scale


Make something people want - Paul Graham


CoFounder&CEO @redborder, business developer, cyber security expert, experienced entrepreneur