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All my life i've devotedly explored the sustainability question from every angle. My assessment: as a species and a planet our trajectory is quite the opposite of sustainability, and it is rolling right along at a fair clip nearing the edge of the cliff.

There are numerous factors involved in my evaluation. Those of most significance are completely unseen, unknown, by the general population.

The realization that the majority of the population (without grocery store stock) couldn't feed itself past 3 days, nor has a clue as to how very precarious the position we are in -- really is. This awareness of the huge implications of this fact is alarming to me.

Without this basic knowing the majority does not have the intelligence (data) needed for proper assessments, and responses to be made in time of need, or ideally, beforehand. That's called planning. In business, facing inconvenient truths is required for proper planning and proper planning is required to realize success.

There can be no more important role than assisting in the decentralization, the localization, of food and water production and the availability of clean and truly nutritious food. So much of today's produce is anemic.

To research and then thoroughly disseminate vital public information - related to self sustainability - is absolutely an imperative.

To provide the expertise to guide people into their sustainable lives by assessing viability, proper planning, and assistance in the establishment of Sustainable Living HUBS, as well as materials or funds when possible -- would also be a very good thing.

Bioponic World Foundation's, .org's, mission is to provide this type of information, resource, and experienced support, to the self sustainably motivated.

We also are co-developers of refined highly productive (2x of any related product) passive solar - greenhouse heater (water or air), vent and solar chimney. These products were developed in collaboration with 4 other Santa Fe small businesses, and Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM, and made possible by NMSBA, New Mexico Small Business Assistance, special services grants.

In 2017 - 2018 funds will be raised, unit prototypes built, and proposed locals reviewed for HUB establishment.

Bioponic World:

Sustainable Living Hub & Technology
Consultancy, Information Clearinghouse, Funder

Promoting/Establishing, Alternate Energy Produced,
Local Whole System Sourcing of Optimized Food and Water

Co producers of HUBS a Local Food/Water Production, Demonstration, Education, Collaborative Enterprise, Community Asset

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founder, steward; bioponic world org & llc, art dealer; bond fine art, consultant; bond business consulting

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