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I am a marketer and product strategist seeking a technical co-founder to disrupt an industry. I've been employee #9 and #3 at my last two companies (first one was acquired by a public company and second one has raised 3 rounds of funding and has numerous F1000 clients), and am looking to take the leap to a co-founding role. What I bring to a startup is relentless evangelism, product ideas, and the willingness to do what it takes to build a business. I have many ideas for businesses (mostly SaaS B2B startups or social on the B2C front) and want to team with a technical co-founder to uncover a really good idea and build it out from the ground up. I believe in bringing design/UX best practices from the consumer web to the enterprise. I see myself in the CEO or CMO role as a founder. Interested in creating something great? Let's connect!