InTae Jo

Seattle, Washington, US

An arrow of yearning for the other shore
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Product Management

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Hi! Fullstack engineer from the high-growth software startup world spanning several industries in Node (ECMA 2015) and Java 8 boot/data. Infrastructure up and ready. Several vetted ideas with interest (startup incubators, VC, businesses, academics). Different project - have an overabundance of business models and the technology to bring them about. Think we've (have had some help but am technically solo presently) hit the sweet spot: universal, untried/does not exist/low saturation, easy to build, low overhead, wide market (or at least wide-enough to be profitable), with killer-app/secret sauce for at least 5-7.

What I'm looking for: a polymath (genius in many fields), creative, flexible, technically-minded, socially adept, able to pick up disciplines/tools/trades (academic, business, technical, marketing), etc. Specifically, looking for one Co-Founder with strong business development, finance, and fullstack technical skills in Node and/or Java. We're going through Y Combinator, Angel Pad, DreamIt Ventures, Tech Stars, or 500 Startups. I have little interest in being CEO... prefer Founder and CTO. Have friends who have advised on corporate structure. There is no rush.

Where I'm at... tech stack scaffolds are being tested. Some advanced encryption technologies being added. So, full-fledged sites will start launching and we'll have our pick about what we want to focus on. Range of tools and services: disrupt fast food, psychology, health, NLP, machine learning, etc. I'm mostly an autodidact but will hopefully be pursuing a dual PhD here in Pittsburgh soon (to clean up my pedigree). That being said, domains purchased, repos in place, ready to rock and roll. Build revenue through side-projects while we narrow down on a couple.