ioana Vintila

Bucharest, Romania

ioana's Skills
Product Management

About ioana

Hi there ,

I am a determined and creative person that has lots of great ideas and looking to team up with a more technical fellow to make my ideas come true.I am passionate about online marketing and social media marketing and home decor.
Everybody in this world needs to decorate their home at some point to make thier homes welcoming and raise the quality of their life through a great home design.
I have already started a blog on this which I did myself ( i find resources when i really want to) that started to spread my passion.
I am looking for a web/mobile developer to start an online business in this field. The style would be mainly Nordic and Scandinavian decor products.
The focus regions would be Canada, Australia and New Zeeland as well as Western Europe.

This idea has come up from a similar one and I am sure this model will be a success if applied properly and with the nice graphics and marketing behind.

I do not have the funds for it but with the right person by my side we can do it.

I am waiting for YOU to join me,