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Iona Seligman

Business Developer, Marketer

London, , United Kingdom


About Iona

I'm a driven and international business student with a tech, marketing and investment background looking to innovate in the e-commerce sector. As CTO you'll be in charge of the build of the product and code but also in a position to influence the ideation/design/roadmapping. You will be leading the software architecture & development efforts. You'll be my right hand man/woman and rewarded with a 25% equity stake and able to get a proto-type up and running within 3months, as the company grows you'll be key in incorporating staff to the development team. Bl*gg€r has 2 current project models - one working with mirrored portals and another in embedding product details via existing APIs.

Required qualifications:
- A damn fine programer!
- Javascript, Ruby (or Python), ROR, Java, SQL
- API development experience
- Experience in payment portals and/or blogging platform programming
- Ambition

Preferred Qualifications:
- 2-5 years as a project lead
- coding polyglot
- 5+ years in payment systems/portals/solutions
- 5+ years as a developer for a major blogging platform
- Smart Contracts
- User Authentication

Product Management
Managing People