Iqtadar Ahsan

Business Development, Marketing, Sales

Karachi, Pakistan


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About Iqtadar

I am a business development specialist with 10 years of experience and currently working for Avaib, an ICT company that specializes in outsourcing.
Outsourcing is something that we have been doing for the last 10 years with limited clients and now want to expand to other countries regions etc. expand business and for that we are looking for partners. our rates are highly competitive & we have good references.

I am actively looking for a business development specialist that I can co-ordinate with or build a business relationship with that can help me promote this service.


Think of me like Yoda but instead of being little and green I wear suits and I'm awesome. - -zxu


Outsourcing solutions

Work Experience

Head of Business Development


June 2004 - January 0

Avaib was founded in 2004 as a multinational technology and consulting company that provides highly skilled professional offshore Software Engineers and Designers. Providing Outsourcing Solutions, IT and communication solutions, Web Development Services and Corporate Branding Solutions including web designing. Pioneers in introducing SaaS Applications for Services and Education industry we offer skilful web application development, custom application development, mobile App development, custom desktop software, E-commerce consulting and graphic designing for small & medium businesses. We pride ourselves in providing creative, attractive & original design works, fast, reliable & quality development and professional services. Additionally, we bring confidence, enthusiasm and specialized expertise to web based solutions so we can put you and your business in the right place on the information superhighway.


London Metropolitan University

Investment Fund Management

2003 - 2005