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About David

Most people feel the government is not going in the right direction. It's great that we agree on this - but how do we come to agreement on which way to go. Search engines are only showing us what we'll click on, the media is only showing us what will get ratings, within social media we talk about politics - but only with like minded people, and the language of activism is emotional and often vilifies the people we still have to live with after the election. As a result - polarization is at an all time high. is a startup with a mission to bring synergy to democracy so the people can unite to fix this. We will give people a voice, and the power to crowd-source consensus and crowd-fund actions.

I'm looking for the social marketeer that could get the whole country to adopt (and later the world). Of course we will start with a focused segment (political bloggers) but the task of getting millions of people to adopt will be challenging, and the reward will be not only driving profitability to the business but also being part of getting our country moving in the right direction, faster.

And even if this is not you, if this is an endeavor that stirs your passions - I invite you to contact me.

One important cultural note - we have to be able to separate out our personal political beliefs and create the platform that fairly and inclusively represents everyone.


University of California, San Diego

Computer Science

1985 - 1985

Suffolk University


1999 - 1999