Isaac Lee

Seoul, South Korea

Founder & CEO of Flexcil, EdTech startup
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Product Management
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About Isaac

I'm Isaac, founder and CEO of Flexcil. I have been developing software for a decade, and I am a professional in designing UX-oriented software architecture. I'm interested in finding innovative solutions by software technologies with UX enhancement to solve difficulties of our lives.

Work Experience

Founder & CEO


May 2015 - Today

An edTech startup to enhance studying environment for university and graduate school students. We are developing the world best PDF annotating tools.

Software engineer


October 2001 - March 2005

Joyon was game development company. I developed a PC package role-playing game for two years and a MMORPG game for a year. My contribution was C++ and designing massive game architecture by MVC pattern. I developed UI architecture and script for designing UI using DirectX. And designing distributed object system (like DCOM) by C++ to apply the RPG to implement peer-to-peer system efficiently. And I developed game map and unit scene serialization system and unit AI and it's script.

Lead developer

Web-C intermedia

April 2000 - September 2001

Web-C Intermedia is my first start-up, developing 3D facial simulation solution. I developed facial morphing technology and facial expression by using 50 control points of 3D facial model. I developed facial morphing application and key frame based facial expression animation editor as well.

Founder & Developer

Zion games

July 2005 - November 2006

I founded a small company. I developed various 2D, 3D game projects from clients.

Software engineer


May 2011 - May 2015

Hancom is the most famous company in Korea for developing word processor and office products. Majority of Koreans use Hancom office than Microsoft office. I developed Chromium open source based word processing editor. And I experienced with android and iOS development to make epub reader for mobile devices. I use mainly C++, java, swift.


Hanyang graduate school

Computer engineering M.S.

2012 - 2015


Computer Engineering B.S.

2001 - 2005