Israel Casillas

Santa Cruz, California, US

Israel's Skills
Product Management

About Israel

I have built what i consider to be a prototype of a business within the e-sports industry, which can be seen here Within 4 months of launch our member base exceeds 12,000. The daily revenue hit a high of $800 about 2 weeks ago. We were forced to switch our payment platform from paypal to dwolla and participation began to decline.

At this moment I am building the next version of the site. I am looking for a co-founder that can provide or bring in funding to pay for server expenses, and marketing. It is a strong plus if the co-founder has business experience dealing with other companies. An example would be contacting another company for an affiliation/partnership deal.

I have experience with html/css, php/pdo/mysql. I have worked with web development and design for about 4-5 years now.

I am also interested in joining other startups or ventures, i can only contribute work for the venture.