Israel Farfan

New York, New York, US

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I've worked on companies of all sizes (from large enterprises to small start-ups) on all technology facets (both development and infrastructure/systems) and I'm looking for the next chapter of my career where I get to do it all over again (including the all-nighters and the extremely large+complex projects) and this time owning and building the overall technical "vision" and "architecture" from inception. Hence, I'm looking for that "special" team with the killer business idea/product who needs a tech head to not only take an existing MVP from 1 to 100 but make sure it grows and scales for years to come.

Thus, the role where I will add the most value is where I'm able to a) model the overall software architecture, b) hire, manage, guide & support the team building it, c) launch the large-scale production environments that bring it to life, and d) support them and continue enabling their future growth. Specific technologies, languages and frameworks are replaceable/disposable, but the right architecture will take you to wherever you need to go.