Ivan Annikov

San Francisco, California, US

Ivan's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Ivan

My name is Ivan, I'm an experienced product designer based in California. I have been working with a wide variety of startups in the Bay Area since 2011 building both web and mobile products across a number of verticals, mostly focusing on B2B SaaS products. Since January I've been working on BetaLoop with a small team of engineers who are not my co-founders, but I do have a great on-going relationship with them to support the product as we grow. BetaLoop is now in private beta, and I'm already on-boarding new users. I also have a couple of solid writers for our blog and a social media marketing person who is helping us get attention across Twitter and Facebook.

I'm looking for an experienced growth hacker to join me! I would love to meet someone who has experience growing SaaS products and knows his/her way around marketing and analytics. Location is not that important, but preference is given to the Bay Area folks! This is an equity only opportunity, but the right person stands to get close to fifty percent stake in the company, with vesting, of course! Learn more about BetaLoop at http://betaloop.io/ and get back to me with any questions. Cheers!