Ivan Coronado

Design, Business Development

Hermosillo, Mexico


Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Ivan

I am highly motived by creating positive impacts in our society. I indulge in international relationships and different cultures, languages, and customs. I seek to develop my knowledge materializing ideas that change our interaction with the world. My aspirations are developing an educational IT system, so good that it's used by more than half of the mexican market. Once that milestone is reached, I plan on having strategic partners in Latam and the US.

My ideal candidate is someone who strongly believes he/she is a key factor to change the world. Has a vast knowledge in developing SaaS (scalability, db management, and top-notch security), some experience in UI/UX is appreciated. Eventually, and most importantly, he/she must see himself/herself as the dev department leader.


Universidad de Sonora

Bsc Architecture

2012 - 2012


Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate