Ivan PopGruev

Austin, Texas, US

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Ivan's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Ivan

I am driven.

Organized and led the student strike at the Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering in Sofia, Bulgaria, an important part of the National Student Strike that helped topple the Bulgarian communist government. After its success, the US Embassy bailed me out and I boarded the plane with a one-way ticket and just a few words of English. Arrived in SF, learned the language, went to Berkeley for my undergrad... So I am somewhat passionate about freedom of expression and open dialogue (the basis of my current project).

Recognized by Riley P. Bechtel, Chairman of Bechtel, for initiating and successfully developing and deploying Bechtel Corporation's first social media based knowledge management program in 2000. If I were not on a work visa at the time, I would have started my own company.

Work Experience

Professor of Finance

Strayer University

October 2014 - December 2016