Ivanhoe Chaput

Gardena, California, US

Ivanhoe's Skills
Product Management

About Ivanhoe

Have intellectual property, 11,500 square feet of manufacturing facility and 40 years of experience in manufacturing and product design and development. Been in business 34 years. Experience in consumer, optical, military and medical products. Presently have three related products that use our proprietary, low cost electrode material to replace expensive titanium electrodes for ionizers, electrolyzers and electrode water heating. Our products are cost/performance breakthroughs. We are looking for financing and marketing partners to exploit this technology. Visit our website at www.ccdesign.cc for experience. The electrode technology is proprietary, not on our web site and will only be shared with interested and qualified individuals.

Our goal is to exploit the technology by capturing and expanding market share of the water purifying and filtering products for drinking and disinfecting. The product of interest is an Ionizer. It produces alkaline water for drinking and acidic water used as a most effective antibacterial agent. Markets include home, restaurants, hospitals, cruise ships and anywhere the public concentrates. This product will outperform units ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 for a manufacturing cost of $55 to $75, depending on features.

The ideal candidate possesses skills in consumer and industrial/commercial product sales and marketing. Financial funding experience a plus. This product line has a very large potential for growth.