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I am an HBS/HKS joint degree student (MBA and MPA). I am working on Nidit!, which is a social start up creating a platform to foster real world person-to-person and person-to-organization collaboration by leveraging social networks.

The following Michael Sandel´s quote inspired in some way this start up:
“One of the most striking tendencies of our time is the expansion of markets and market oriented reasoning into spheres of life traditionally governed by non-market norms”

To my mind I think there is a great opportunity to both create a high impact social start up and improve the state if the world at the same time.

Making a case:
We live simultaneously in two different worlds: one where social norms prevail and another where market norms rule. Social norms include friendly requests that people make to one another. Market norms, conversely, have nothing warm and fuzzy about them. Exchanges are sharp-edged: wages, prices, rents, interests and cost-and-benefit analyses. These are not necessarily evil or mean transactions, but they do imply comparable benefits and prompt payments. In the domain of market norms you get what you pay for –that´s simply the way it is.
Life with fewer market norms and more social norms would be more satisfying, creative, fulfilling and fun. The answer is not to re-create society rejecting market norms, but to remember that social norms can play a greater role in society than what they have already been credited for. It´s impressive how market norms have gradually taken over our lives in the past few decades. Nidit!’s mission is to foster social exchange and collaboration. Nidit! seeks to connect people that need something and others that are willing to give it.
Collaboration is the principle by which people improve other people’s lives without expecting a financial return. The mere fact of helping others increases the chances that others might help you in case of need. However, to help others you first need to understand/know what they actually need! The key question is: What do you and others need? This is how Nidit! was born.

We are looking for motivated and self-driven individuals that are willing to embark on a startup working during spring 2013 and full time during summer break to test Nidit!’s hypothesis. We look forward to a CoFounder with web-development, coding and design skills to join our team filling the CTO position.

We are structuring our work based on the Lean Start Up Management framework.