J. Busola Koyi

Product Management, Business Development

Toronto, Canada


Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About J. Busola

Knowledge: Scientist and business developer (summary).
Experience: worked in Oil, gas and mining, finance and IT but have created industry specific IT and business solutions for hospitality, travel, insurance, health, media .....
Business Interests: Translating science to money; New markets (blue oceans); New Geographies; Simple solutions to business problems, Optimization, strategy, data, innovation
Other: Comedies (film), Christianity, management books, biographies and history

I have a few things I am working on or interested in working on. Some are products, some are projects and at least 1 is a full company. Of course they can all lead to one another. The include data, environmental, finance and business services

To Build Network: Friends, Partners, Connectors, Outsources, (in short providing and receiving Human Resources in a very general sense)
To work with others on projects, products or company in my area interests


Queen's University

M.S. Physics

2006 - 2006