San Jose, California, US

J C's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About J C

It's time to change the way we think about health and fitness. We're going to create a new kind of fitness business that will address a grossly underserved market in the U.S. And in doing so we will disrupt and just might just save an entire industry.

I'm looking for an operations expert to do this with me. This is not a tech startup, though we rely on tech. We will be building and operating fitness facilities across the U.S. starting in the San Francisco Bay Area. Great operations will be core to our success. I want someone who knows how to plan and execute operations in similar settings.

Me? My background is in product management and business development. My passion is this industry we're going to disrupt (sorry to be vague :)). This business brings those together, and we're going to do something special. Come and make it happen with me.