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I started coding when I was 7 and around that time I also started my first business: making and selling keychains door to door. I worked for Google and since then I co-founded two startups. Hear a Blog, as a side project, which got selected for Seedcamp Paris and Carousel Apps in which I as CTO and then CEO for a total of 4 years. That startup reached profitability. I also joined another startup, called Qredo, as CTO and within 3 days of joining I was presenting our product to an audience of 150 people. Before the two month mark I managed to release the product (the first one in the 5 years or so this startup has been running).

I believe I have found a great opportunity for my next startup, I’ll let the landing page speak for itself: http://pulscart.com I’m getting about one lead a day and some people seem to be very interested.

My main strength is tech, management, product management. I know enough to do financial forecast and keep an eye on the accounts with an external accountant. My weaknesses are sales, marketing and business development. I’m here looking for people who have those skills and are willing to work with me. My plan is to continue doing the market validation for this product either with my own money or raising a small round of £5k-£10k.

If the market validation is positive, I think we should go for £500k seed round and I do have some contacts that might get us there. I will also be hiring one developer and I know a great one who I already pitched the idea to and he’s interested.

So, what do you think? Are you in?

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