J P Aucamp

New York, New York, US

J P's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About J P

I have a lot of business ideas and need people with programming and marketing skills.

Some of my ideas:
1. I have an awesome idea for a mobile app and need someone to develop it.
2. I own the domain InventedByUs.com and would like to start a crowdfunding/social development portal. I also own InventWars.com which I thought could be used for online submission of problems/every day issues that require solutions and the community/contestants then try and solve this with the submitter and the solver getting equity in the final solution if decided that it's a viable product. Basically an idea sourcing and vetting site.
3. NameTheBrand.com I want to develop this into a online brand awareness game which can be turned into a product launch testing platform, loyalty program etc. with eventual launch on mobile platform/ipad where new content can be added to the game over the web to keep it fresh and relevant
4. DirectionTrading.com - I would like to develop a binary trading portal on this domain.
5. Paytosee.me / paytowatch.me / paytolook.com / paytodisplay.com/ paytoshow.com - I have a few ideas for these domains ranging from intrigue/humour to educational. I need programming skills as well as skills in media content.
6. Paytofind.com - I know we can google all things but with clever marketing and sponsored listings you are not always finding the best option/solution. Would people pay to have someone else run their online errands and searches?
7. ReviewWars.com - at present my idea is to start an online review site. It would start off as a product or services review site but develop into a loyalty program (based on the consumer purchases by brand) , consumer product development research ( based on consumers profile) and an online consumer complaint portal.

I would really like to hear from anyone that's interested in getting involved in any of the above.