Jabari F.

Boston, Massachusetts, US

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First time founder

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Hello Everyone we're Looking for Co-Founder to join our team!

We've created a great product, an incredible dating platform which has Android, iOS, Web and Facebook Apps Integration. We've made a blueprint of this platform, a detailed plan of product look and functionality and I'm looking for developers and business people ready to invest, manage, and assist in the development of the platform. Looking to gather a team of people who are willing to invest their hard work and time to make this app one of the biggest things on the market.
This team would need Android, iOS, Web, Facebook and back-end developers, designer, business expert, marketing expert and some money investments which will have company shares. I'm willing to create a concept, book of standards, all app blueprints, marketing and development strategy and business plan for 10% of company shares. I would volunteer as an adviser for both of managers, helping our managers and to build this by my vision.
At first moment I'm looking for a Business Manager and Development Manager who will hire other people under them.

Hints: Apps combine some of the best games/techniques from dating industry. Revenue strategy will include token system. We have about 50 features very unique features that we would like to integrate in the upcoming months..

"If interested feel free to contact me"


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Business Marketing

2010 - 2010