Jaci Volles

Naperville, Illinois, US

Jaci's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Jaci

I have launched Tuttle View, a business that offers consumers a new way to shop online with friends by creating a live eSocial event. Tuttle View is like having a home party, but doing it all online.

Thus far, the patent is filed, the business launched in November and now I am in search for up to three potential partners:

1. Social Media Expert - someone with a deep understanding of the various platforms and a passion for nurturing relationships and brand equity.

2. Programing Expert - someone with a passion for continuous improvement in creating an engaging shopping environment.

3. Content Director - someone with a strong sense of creativity and passion for managing print, audio and video content.

Check us out at tuttleview.com. Looking forward to meeting potential partners.