Jack Eckles

Cheyenne, Wyoming, US

Jack's Skills
Business Development

About Jack

I have made my career out of successfully solving complex technical problems that few would risk their career or reputation to attempt.

Innovative and dynamic team leader who is adept at solving complex and challenging process problems. Experienced in all phases of chemical processing: from laboratory research and development, design to fabrication, and large scale commercial production.

Some examples of this expertise span Ultra-high Purity Distillation, Processing and Purification of Pyrophoric and Energetic products, Distillation (from Vacuum to High Pressure, Cryogenic to low boiling point metals (such as Zinc), Nuclear Contaminated Materials to Semiconductor raw materials), Liquid Liquid Extraction, Solvent Recovery, Metals Recovery, CO2 Absorbers, Separation and Recovery of Biofuel Components, new Deep Sea Mining Technologies, Design & Development of a System to Produce High Purity Concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide for powering jet packs, Design of Systems to Re-Process Rocket Fuel Components, and Development & Testing of new Soil Remediation Technologies.

Active Team Player experienced in all aspects of complex process development, optimization, and trouble-shooting.

Very physically fit and in outstanding health.


Western Maryland College

Chemistry, German

1977 - 1977

Georgia Institute of Technology

MS Chemical Engineering

1982 - 1982

Georgia Institute of Technology

M.S. Materials Engineering

1984 - 1984