Jack Liu

Los Angeles, California, US

Jack 's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Jack

My name is Jack, I am the founder and CEO of Go-Doggies. Go-doggie is an online dog grooming services community that connect you and your dog with the best groomers and pet stores all across the U.S and Canada. On Go-doggie app and website, dog lovers can easily find the pet products, exceptional groomers, daycares & overnight-stays, and trainers to meet their dogs’ need. We provide the most professional dog grooming services. We also connect your dogs with the safest and most professional dog hotels to serve you in time of need. With our five-star-rated groomers, pet salons, and 24/7 service supports, Go-doggie will bring you a new comprehensive services for your dogs.

Right now I am looking for a marketing director as a Co-Founder.


University of California Riverside

Bachelor of Marketing

2015 - 2015