Jack M Honeycutt Ph.D.

Tampa, Florida, US

Cofounder & CEO Stimulation Labs
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By training and experience, I'm a multi-specialty trained clinical, forensic and neuropsychologist and clinician, now a medical and health devices inventor in the NeuroStimulation space looking for potential partners and investors. I'll post a link to our website shortly, when the thrill of secrecy wears off a bit more.

I'm a SERIAL INVENTOR and entrepreneur developing wearable NeuroStimulation products and systems for both the medical and mass consumer (health and wellness) markets.

One of our consumer products is vaguely similar to the one crowd-funded here:


Except that our consumer NeuroStimulation devices deliver clinical grade neurostim and are mobile platformed.

Presently, we are just shy of pre-crowdfunding for our first consumer NeuroStimulator. It would be an opportune time to join us as a co-founder.

My skills are not Checklist Skills... I'm an improver and innovator. I see what's missing, the better ways to do things, and the designs and methods the other guys didn't see or think of. I'm a change agent and a catalyst. I know how and what people feel, and how their minds work, and what controls and influences them. I know what they need and want before they do. Human factors engineering and usability are my part of my DNA.

It wastes people's time to make them guess why you're here and what/who you're looking for. An Ouija board would be more efficient. That said, when a professional top tier mind reader is essential, look no further. In a previous incarnation I was one of the top trial consultants in the nation and the inventor of the infamous JURYZOOM MRI (Multi-Role Intelligence) system that could peer into the minds of jurors and forecast verdicts with 95 percent accuracy, I was also a forensic interviewer specializing in the detection of deception. I'm the one lawyers call when they need to know whether someone was lying in deposition, in written statements or on the witness stand. Since lying has become standard in the modern world, I now specialize in Truth Detection. -- Not as many false positives.


Success is the ability to move from one failure to another without loss of enthusiasm. - Winston Churchhill


University of Colorado


1980 - 1988