Jack Mirza

Berlin, Germany

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Business Development
Product Management

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First time founder

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So ultimately I'm looking for someone who can be an equal partner in getting this thing off the ground (what off the ground constitutes is TBD). The scope of this simply a little too much for one person, and as we would be still feeling out the market and in a kind of prototype phase, it wouldn't make sense to spend a whole lot of money at this phase on doing it full time, or hiring/outsourcing. Essentially all there is now, is a rough business plan, and a prototype website. The latter is just for information providing purposes.

So I'm looking basically for someone smart, driven and passionate, who wants to be part of an advertising project, which will hopefully evolve into a startup soon after you're onboard! The business basically involves connecting two parts. Supply, and demand. The demand side being bloggers, publishers, Youtubers.. anything you can imagine with brands. The demand side being advertisers; agencies and direct brands. The market we are aiming at is simply Europe with a focus on English speakers. We need to build up the supply side somewhat before starting on demand (and making revenue). Where you or I am based does not actually matter that much; though at the moment I am in Berlin.

I have some experience working with brand agencies in English speaking markets, and business development. Secondary experience in sales (I managed the companies and individuals who would sell on behalf of my last company). Make no mistake I'm no 20 year veteran; but really, what we need is some drive to make things happen. So if you have that, and any knowledge of the online advertising ecosystem or more, please do get in touch and I'll share the details!

To put it a bit more explicitly, I'd be looking for someone who in addition to the above, is a real people person, capable of making people excited about a good or service.