Jack Mo

Gainesville, Florida, US

My name is Jiaqi Mo, I want to change the world.
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We’ve been thinking that computer game is for entertainment, but what if it can also help people learn language through intensive interaction with other people in a computer game. I believe a new field of computer game combined amusement and education should be created in the next few years. I want to design a game for people to learn and communicate with each other without barrier which can make people understand each other. It's not a translation software, but a software that can profoundly impact people's life by learning while playing the game.

This game is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game which will give players instantaneous feedback while playing the game, just like the games called League of Legends or DoTA. The advantage of this kind of game is that it can replace the human-to-machine pattern with human-to-human pattern, and this pattern will make people play with enthusiasm.

The primary markets of this game should be China and U.S.A because there are many Chinese come to the U.S.A each year. As you know, China is a huge market after all these year’s development on economy, and more and more people wanna know the outside world as well as having a better life with money they want to spend on. And U.S.A becomes the first choice. However, many people are not good at English, which becomes the obstacle when they study in the U.S.A. Also, after we verify if this idea is ok, we will explore other markets with other languages.

The profit of my company will come from fictitious money player spend on the game. We will discuss about it after you are in my team.

I believe it can be successful based on three core values:
It tackles the problem of loneliness in humanity. That’s why we need friends. This game will contain teammates when you play it, which means you will not feel alone while playing and learning.
It makes people play with honor because we don’t want to let our teammates down when they are watching your back.
The fun of game will motivate people to continue to play the game because many people don’t know the meaning of their life. This game provides them with happiness warmth.

With all these extraordinary combinations of which League of Legends and DoTA have been proved succeeded, I believe this game will be a game changer that finally changes the world. If you want to be my cofounder or have questions, please feel free to contact me.

P.S. No one has done this before, it will be a revolutionary product.

Jiaqi Mo (Jack)


University of Florida

MS in mechanical engineering

2017 - 2018