Jack Tomaszewski

London, United Kingdom

Tech-lead and Full-stack Web Developer with 14 years' experience.
Jack's Skills
User Experience
Product Management

About Jack

Full-stack Web Developer with 14 years' experience. • Developed, launched, and maintained dozens of web and mobile apps, both front-ends and back-ends. • Led small software teams. • Recruited, onboarded, mentored new developers. • Collaborated directly with product owners, UI designers, end-users, corporate clients.

I was thinking of creating a startup in journalism/fact-checking/"spotify for news" space, but I might as well consider something else. I can definitely bootstrap the project, build and lead a team, either in-house or remotely.

Proficient in: Elixir, Javascript (TypeScript, React + Redux, Rx.js, Angular), Ruby on Rails, Docker, CI/CD configuration. Fan of functional and strongly typed languages; DDD; and a "prefer a process than intuition" approach to programming.

Sometimes a tech blogger ( https://medium.com/@jtomaszewski ), a speaker ( https://jtom.me/talks/ ). Co-organized multiple tech meetups, conferences and workshops.

Willing to work as an ordinary full-stack/front-end/back-end dev, or as a CTO / startup tech co-founder. Can work remotely from anywhere, take frequent flights to anywhere, or relocate to any of the following: North/South America, UK, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand.

For detailed information about my past freelance projects, check out my portfolio ( https://jtom.me/portfolio ).

To contact me: reach me out on LinkedIn! https://linkedin.com/in/jtompl/