Jack Wilkinson

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Jack's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Jack

I am currently looking for a CoFounder/CTO to partner with me. I am looking to launch a FinTech Mobile application (Android first) for the UK market that may then expand to Dubai permitted that product-market fit is identified here. I need a programmer who can handle the app building side at least to the MVP stage so the app can launch, Live data can be received and we can progress for seed Funding.

My main need is an engineer willing to put in the hours to build the app and handle the technical side of things until we can acquire seed funding. Im not asking for someone to give everything up for this, just the commitment to efficiently build the app.

I have over 6 years sales experience within both B2B and B2C markets. I studied Animation and Motion Graphics at the University Of Huddersfield in the UK and my focus for the past 2 years has been towards business development for mobile consumer applications and enterprises.