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Jacob Anderson

Broomfield, United States
Startup stage
Business Development, Marketing, Technical, Sales, Product Management, Management, Finance
Background: Former Air Force F-15 fighter jet instructor pilot, MBA from UNC (concentration in Entrepreneurship & Strategy), BS in Computer Technology. We are looking for a software programmer/developer to join our startup as a co-founder. The technical build will include a messaging backend, web platform, and mobile app. Startup Synopsis: Relayy is a platform that gives startups quick access to advisors & experts for faster and better decisions Problem: Startups burn a lot of time and money trying to get ACCESS to the right advisors and experts. Online forum posts only get generic advice. Emails don't break through the noise. Solution: Relayy gives startups no-hassle access to the perfect advisors and experts, and allows them to communicate PRIVATELY via text, call, or video chat—so that startups get specific and relevant advice, without airing their issues in a public forum.

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