Jacob Dean

Costa Mesa, California, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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Founded 1 startup

About Jacob

This is now....
My startup failed as my cofounder was given an offer he couldn't refuse at an IT consulting firm. Our venture, my idea, was in alpha and had a considerable amount of positive feedback with business anxiously waiting to use it. I am now over a year in at an investment bank and hating it. My finance skills have improved dramatically, but my independence and creative genius are longing to be at the forefront. I have been organizing a nonprofit as of late, but have so many ideas and see so many more that would be great to work on. Thus, I am open to any and all ideas. I can figure just about anything out. Seriously, if your idea is brilliant, I will fill whatever role you need with utter passion and genius. Fuck the status quo and let's get to work. Looking forward to hearing from you fellow wizards.

That was then.....
I have built a business model canvas, and wire framed part of the app I am attempting to build. Unfortunately, I haven't met a programmer with equal drive. I am in need of someone who wants to do something big, changing the way we interact with the businesses around us. The business is an eCommerce site with both mobile and online platforms.

I am also interested in joining forces with someone who has a vision and technical skills to build it, but whom is lacking the business and management aspects necessary in lifting a business off the ground.

Below is a quick bio about me...

I am a fourth year Economics & Accounting major, also minoring in Art History. I have been employed by various companies, in different sectors, where I was able to learn a lot about how businesses operate. I am passionate about efficiency and see opportunities everywhere in the socio-economic environment in which we live. I appreciate excellent design, hard work, and passionate desire behind ideas. I am looking to gain experience in starting from the ground up, exposure with investors and relationships with similar minded people. I am from a small town near Lake Tahoe, where I fully experienced the outdoors and small-town living. I see opportunity, if you do as well, I look forward to working with you on the ideas that we organize into profitable, revolutionizing ventures.


University of California Santa Barbara

Economics & Art History

2013 - 2013