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Jacob Dvir

Technical, Growth Hacking, Product Management, Design

Tel Aviv, Israel


About Jacob

Hi, I'm an entrepreneur in heart. Being a coder helps me achieve my goals... I love working on ideas that changes things and so better than existing "stuff". Been part of Peldec, Unipier and who all 3 were sold (exit start-ups). Now working of a few things. For the last 2 years been working on VideoDubber - automated dubbing technologies. Hoping to make the big break there shortly. also did Coverhip - a Facebook app that changes your cover image to a YouTube video of your selection. Did many many things in the past 15 years. I'm a MAMRAM alumni. Being a father to 2 - don't have much time with open source community - always sorry for that.


Dreams Maker through Innovation

Work Experience

Co-Founder, CTO

VideoDubber Ltd.

August 2011 - December 2016