Jacob Guerrero

Nashville, Tennessee, US

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Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Jacob

I spent 5 years in the Marine Corps and got out in the spring of 2012. As a Captain, I had the opportunity to lead small teams of 10 to large companies of 250 Marines. As an officer I learned more about leading people and accomplishing a task than I ever thought possible. I truly have learned the importance of have the right people on the team.

Since leaving the Marines, I have been working as a Regional Business Director for a small, privately held Healthcare company here in Nashville and have learned more than I ever thought about being an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry.

I have two ideas for a healthcare business that are based on some of the experiences I have had in my current company. One is centered around improving the quality of care by primary care doctors and the other is using technology to bring fidelity and transparency to the public about the cost of routine services in an effort to create competition and drive cost down.

I am looking for a co-founder/s who are interested in developing either of 2 fragmented industries and using technology to achieve it. Interest in the concepts/business is more important than technical skills or prior experience.


University of New Mexico


2006 - 2006