Jacob Levinson

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Jacob's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Jacob

Straight out college, I went to work for www.kronospan-worldwide.com, a wood-based panel manufacturer with over a century of pedigree, 11k employees and multi-billion dollar annualy turnover. It was 2009, not a good time to be in the manufacture of construction products, and one of my first assignments was to solve our problem of excessive overstock. I looked to use an online auction, but found no suitable softwares. We needed the auctions to be private (for our customers only) and the ability to easily create a sale from an inventory list exported to Excel. Henceforth, we built Gimmil.com. Our beta launched in January of 2011, and over the subsequent year, the average price for the goods sold increased by more than 60% over the previous year. Over the last two and half years, Gimmil.com has transacted nearly $3 million in goods for Kronospan.

This year, I formed an agreement to purchase Gimmil.com and its properties from Kronospan and am now engaged in the development of this platform full-time. We are continuously improving our system, and are currently in late-stage talks or trials with three Fortune 500 manufacturers to onboard Gimmil.

I am seeking a technical co-founder to handle all aspects related to our software. He or she should be proficient in PHP, as our system is built on Zend Framework. For compensation, we will discuss a mix of equity/options and immediate revenue share.

The above description and any additional materials provided and intended for conversation purposes only and in no way constitute an offer of any kind to sell securities.