Jacob Wischnia

Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, US

Jacob's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Jacob

My name is Jacob Wischnia and I am an entrepreneur, and aspiring programmer.

Let me start off by saying what I am not looking for. I am not looking
for someone to work on this project alone, get paid and disappear. I
am not looking for a freelance developer.

I am looking for someone that wants to get into the exciting world of
startups and make an awesome company that will give Google, Apple, and
Facebook a run for their money.

I am currently working with a Python/ Django developer building a
website called LunchBiz.com. The website lists local restaurant menus
and lets people order online. The idea isn’t the most original but is
very doable. I already have customers signed up, and I’m simply
waiting for the site to be completed.

I am not saying that LunchBiz-Com will be the next facebook. It won’t.
I am not trying to make it the next facebook. I see LunchBiz as a
doable idea, that will help us get into the VC/ business world, and
attract better more talented people that have the expertise and drive
to create a truly awesome company.

My long-term goal is to build a company comprised of Engineers
(computer, mechanical, chemical, etc...), experts in research and
development, and talented sales force that will work together to
create and sell great ideas. I don’t know what these great ideas are
yet, but by recruiting the right people and encouraging creatively the
great ideas will come. My goal is to build a team that will bring
those ideas to fruition.