Jaf Glazer

Kings County, New York, US

Real Estate Investments, Acquisitions, Hospitality, Crowdfunding
Jaf's Skills
Business Development

About Jaf

As Managing Director of Conquest Advisors, Jaf Glazer oversees a full range of brokerage and advisory services, spanning acquisitions, sales, debt and equity transactions in both residential and commercial markets. Over recent years, Glazer and his team have conducted upwards of $250 million in transactions. Whether a comprehensive development project or a singular property, Glazer provides personal attention and custom, scalable strategies for each of his clients.

A born entrepreneur, Jaf applies his sales and negotiating skills, designing and executing profit driven models to represent his client’s interests shrewdly and energetically. Born and raised in New York, Glazer knows the city intimately, having witnessed neighborhoods transform and repurpose from commercial to residential and back again. His precise knowledge of the city’s neighborhoods provides his clients opportunities to stay ahead of the curve and maximize value.

Prior to Conquest, Glazer was instrumental in bringing cutting-edge biometric technologies to both security and consumer markets, earning him relevant experience in business development and entrepreneurship.

Glazer received his B.S. in finance from the University of Wisconsin’s Granger School of Business.

Work Experience

Managing Director

Conquest Advisors LTD

December 2005 - December 2016