Jaf Siddiqi

Melbourne, Australia

Founder - Emerge Investments
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Business Development

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Founder / COO

Emerge Investments

January 2014 - Today

With over 40 years of combined experience and a vast knowledge of a variety of sectors, it’s fair to say that at EMERGE, we like to do what we do. We’re passionate about helping people with bright ideas to reach their full potential. We have an experienced team with backgrounds in Business, IT, and Marketing, who provide hands-on mentoring and investment, to assist start-up founders, early-stage and established businesses in becoming successful and sustainable. EMERGE consists of normal people with extensive experience who help normal businesses in becoming outstanding businesses. To us, investing in passionate and forward-thinking individuals is just as important as investing in their passion. We make a commitment to work together with founders and take a collaborative approach in all ventures. The team at EMERGE have developed strategies for numerous companies that flourished when executed.


Manchester Business School - Manchester Metropolitan University

BA (HONS) Business & Finance

2000 - 2003