Hendry Ciunardy , Intern

Jakarta, Indonesia

Hendry is looking for an internship

About Hendry

Can commit to working

40 hours per week

Dates available

From 01/05/2016 to 01/12/2016


Will consider an unpaid internship

Recent accomplishments

 Enrolled in rotation program from Sales, Marketing, Engineering & Operation Department
 Supervising IT Project in Healthcare Application Development
 Handled Business development project in creating a new brand line products for consumables
 Involve in many corporate events as committee members such as Kick Off Meeting & Senior Management Meeting 2015


About Hendry

Basically a tech enthusiast who is in the middle of making his own apps. Yet to achieve that he is still open to any business ideas and involve in startup related industry activities


Binus University

Computer Science

2014 - 2014