Jake Barker

Denver, Colorado, US

Jake's Skills
Product Management

About Jake

I am an engineering and product development specialist. I am looking for people to team with to develop startup products and businesses in the Denver Area. I am looking for cofounders who can aid in the product development process, bring some business acumen and potential want to help with any technical development.

My current skill set is weighted towards early product development, IP strategy and prototype development. I have some experience in small to medium scale manufacturing, mostly of products used in the defense, space and energy markets. I have a decent network of individually that can help advise or aid in the business development in areas such as finding funding and technical expertise which should prove to be useful as the business grows.

Right now I have a number of product ideas, but they are only ideas, and I need help in vetting them and then developing a sound business plan to cash in on the technology IP or introducing the products to market. I am also very open to joining others or consulting within my expertise if there is a mutually good fit