Jake Pike

Hermosa Beach, California, US

Founder & CEO, looking for a Finance/marketing wizard to help grow our specialized app company.
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Product Management
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First time founder

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About Jake

We think big- work hard and play hard. I have been a life long businessman who has produced some of the biggest event in the country and has expanded my reach into the technology world. That has led me to now - we are looking for that 3rd partner to round out the team and expand our current product expansion.

We have a mobile App that sells to Enterprise business and the Labor/Union/Enterprise marketplace. We are in market and are looking to establish VC funding to round out the full staffing model. We are looking for that 3rd partner that can help us expand marketing, finance and help us through Series A funding. We are focusing on sales expansion to scale for the marketplace.

We offer equity percentage and full time management package upon funding. Currently we are in market and selling but this funding and taking us through acquisition is part of the C- team responsibility.


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