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Jakub Antkiewicz

Business Developer, Marketer

Denver, Colorado, US


About Jakub

I'm a multi-company founder (3 as founder and 1 as co-founder) ranging from one of the earliest hyper local mobile advertising start-ups (2008) to B2C eCommerce, a government contracting firm and a daily deal site. All aspects of starting and running a business are familiar to me including legal, financial and day to day operations (I'll go to Staples and pick up ink, I don't need an intern for that). I have a basic but wide-ranging technical base to ensure there isn't any miscommunication between the tech side and business side.
I'm looking for someone, or more than one, who have the ability and desire to pursue and potentially quickly pivot in their ability to develop and design.
Alternatively, I'm open to join a start-up that has a true fast-paced nature in mobile and tech.