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I am an entrepreneur who has his roots in engineering and is passionate about a variety of topics covering a broad spectrum, some of which are- building businesses, human-technology integration, STE(A)M education, space colonization, anime and entertainment, and connecting the world through the intelligent use of technology.

I run my own engineering consulting business, JM Technologies, and work with startups to bring a sense of in-house engineering knowledge while making sure that thoughts get translated into physical products. My main efforts are in Hardware, Software, and Systems development. Focus in early system level design, prototypes and proof-of-concepts, schematic and board layout, and embedded devices as well as Design For Manufacturing.

On my own time I run AstroGro, which I co-founded, a company that is developing new-generation educational tools for today's world. I also started Dere Project, a Japanese animation-based brand rooted in otaku culture which strives to expand the growing anime market in the US as both a producer and facilitator of media.

My undergraduate degree is in Electrical Engineering at the California Institute of Technology, and from there I decided to pursue my passion in technology and then business directly. At the moment, I am based in Los Angeles, CA.


California Institute of Technology

BS Electrical Engineering

2013 - 2013