James A. Gladstone

London, United Kingdom

James A.'s Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About James A.

I work at a reputable multinational industrial gases process company currently. Account's manager for Europe, CIS, and Africa. Gaining a lot of customer facing, financial ,and technical experience. On the side, I'm finalising a licencing deal for a patent I developed for a folding mechanism, to be in the puschair market, within the next few months..... All being well.
I want to move away from being a small cog in a multinational, to somewhere more dynamic - I believe I possess the drive, creativity, and passion, to provide a substantial beneficial contribution to the right company. I am on my way to being a chartered mechanical engineer, and have an MEng.
As a side, I'm constantly filling pads of paper with ideas/concept; covering a plethora of ideas, all the way from ; from big data handling , to better bike brakes....l I'm not short of ideas. I know that amount of creativity, directed and focussed in to a small company could add a lot of value


University of Manchester


2012 - 2012