James A. Harris III, PMP

Chicago, Illinois, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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Founded 1 startup

About James A.

I'm an ambitious entrepreneur, who is passionate about expanding human potential. I'm leveraging 15 years of management consulting and financial management experience to develop a new and exciting "impact" business venture.

Qualifications: B.A., UC Berkeley; M.S., Carnegie Mellon University; Grant Thornton, LLP Consulting Practice Alumni; Currently a financial manager for an affluent Chicago suburb; Started a non-profit training and development organization in 2006- I learned much, enjoyed myself tremendously, but failed miserably in 2008 (when the sky fell). Created and led a number of successful consulting practices and training programs.

What makes me unique: I'm a "laid back" Bay Area native living in Chicago: Go figure! ; I love helping people to fulfill their personal and professional goals and missions; I speak Portuguese and a little French, and my wife says I can do a mean Samba; After 15 years in the management consulting and financial management space, I'm learned some great lessons and methods that I believe will add significant value to this exciting new venture.

What are my aspirations for my company: To become the global standard for personal and professional goal attainment support and guidance (then exit and sit down somewhere!)

What does the ideal candidate look like: A proven expert in their field; interested in making big money while making a bigger difference; Able to balance my "big picture ideas and strategic vision" with practical insight and perspective; comfortable working remotely and Skyping frequently.


University of California at Berkeley

Bachelor of Arts, Legal Studies

1994 - 1994

Carnegie Mellon University

Master of Science in Public Policy

1997 - 1997


Certified Project Management Professional