James Alexander

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

James's Skills
Product Management

About James

I'm a marketer with 8 yrs of experience in branding, copywriting, and digital marketing. I've worked both in agency and corporate settings, from the Fortune 250 to SMB. I bring creativity, marketing savvy, and fluency in the digital medium.

I am looking to create a mobile app that will provide an unprecedented value to conscious consumers, while collecting data that will be very profitable for companies.

I have a very talented marketing team to bring to this project. They can also handle the design work.

I also have a tech advisor who will help manage the project, fill in knowledge gaps, and support your efforts.

I am looking for a developer who has experience developing apps for both iOS and Android, and websites that manage user generated content. Gaming experience is not relevant here.

You should be passionate about doing your part to improve the world, conscious consumption, & going green.

You must be willing to sign an NDA and Non Compete.

The right candidate will have the ability to evaluate from a business perspective as well as a code-level perspective. You should place a high value on an intuitive user experience. You should also be a creative problem solver, as some of what is required may not have precedent. I like to work with people who are curious, humble, and open minded - with genuine interest in other points of view. Communication is important - you should be able to talk with non-developers in a way which is understandable.