James Bailey

Tuscaloosa, Alabama, US

President at ABC LED Inc.
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1. 1970 - 1974: I have been self-employed all my life. I first started at the age of 9 in 1970, with a worm farm, selling worms to 5 local stores in my area, in which I could ride to on my QA-50 motorcycle. (Funny True Story) I use to always tell the guy that helped me dig the worms, (WHEN I GROW UP, I AM NEVER GOING TO SELL CHINESE JUNK AND I AM NOT GOING TO HAVE ANY COMPUTERS IN MY BUSINESS!) I own computers in many parts of the world and at the moment, all I do is manufacture, buy and sell Chinese products.

2. 1974 – 1982: Then after my parents divorced in 1974, I moved to Oxford to live with my grandparents on the farm, I created a truck farming business growing and selling vegetables to stores, restaurants and door to door. I also created a signage business, building and painting signs for business around Oxford. My grandfather was my driver for the first 2 years of that business. In 1982, my uncle had left the army and came home, so I gave that business to my uncle and moved to Memphis Tn. to start my real life in lighting in 1982. (I am 57 now and 34 years later, I am still in lighting and signage products.)

3. 1983 – 1984: At 23 I moved to Memphis TN, and started working as a manufactures rep for www.simkar.com setting up and selling LED Lighting fixtures to distributors in an untapped market of Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee. In one years time it became a very large rep agency with great profit for me. Then Simkar Lighting split the territory and killed my profit and I quite the company.

4. 1985 – 1988, I opened Southern Discount Lighting Company, selling Lighting and signage supplies to local businesses in Memphis Tn., I out grow my operating capital and was forced to sell the company or stop it from growing. My account receivables were eating up all my profits and overhead could not keep up with, unless growth was stopped! So I sold the company to TRA International and worked for them for 3 years managing the Memphis TN Location. In 1991, they fired me, to hire cheaper labor and in 1993, they tried to hire me back! I did not go back.

5. 2003 – 2004, I moved to Dallas Tx, and became a consultant for a lighting manufacture, that was having financial problems and advised to the restructure of the factory, to move it back to the black in less than one year of time. After that my services was no longer needed. They was back on the road of profit again.

6. 2005-2008, I moved to Salt Lake City and created a company called: Affordable Lighting Wholesalers and started selling Lighting and signage to local business and studying LED products. I sold that company to a guy in Alabama, it is still running to date.

7. 2008-2009, Solar and studied LED, too hard of a sell, so I shut it down and moved to China.

8. 2009-2012, I did a company called Basigninc, partners with a Chinese company called Nenday. The Chinese boss got greedy and gave all our information to what would be a competitor to both the Nenday Company and the Basigninc Company, without Basigninc knowledge of the advent. It killed both companies.

9. 2012-2013, Studied Mergers and acquisitions to retain myself to compete in todays world.

10. 2013-2015, sold controlling interest to a group out of some national chain groups. That said they could get us into the national chain stores. They never got us into one, they did not even bring one customer to the table. They never intended on the new company to be successful, they just wanted the business model, I had developed and the new products, I had developed at that time.

11. 2015 – Present: I have setup the new ABC LED Inc., with a full business plan for: Manufacturing/Distribution Center, with a Full Cloud Based Operating System.
I have also put into place a full tested and proved business model, with many new LED Products and new LED product lines, along with a super great way to build a worldwide, face-to-face sales team around the world, that has been tested and proved to work very well, creating jobs for anyone, that really wants a job.

Why just focus on a city? One World, One Team, One Platform, working together as ONE HONEST TEAM!

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August 2007 - December 2016